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Our mission

is to aid breeding waterfowl. The Foundation does this by removing invasive species and planting real prairie. Restorations using local eco-type prairie seed create Wildlife habitat for Ducks, deer, pheasants and butterflies, and provide the highest quality pollinator habitat for bees and other beneficial insects. Creating high diverse eco-systems is the ultimate goal!
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Waterfowl Production
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Fact — wild natural landscapes are becoming fewer and smaller.

Grassland prairie habitats are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world

United Prairie Foundation's programs focus on degraded undermanaged grasslands dominated by invasive intruders. With support from members and partners the Foundation works daily to rid these grasslands of non-native species. Most projects require a highly diverse restoration using local ecotype prairie seeds, which create wildlife habitat for ducks, deer, pheasants, and butterflies, and provides the highest quality pollinator habitat for bees and other beneficial insects.

  • which was nearly 40% of the United States. Today less than 4% remains. Within a generation the vast majority of prairie was developed and plowed under.

  • in the United States use the Prairie Pothole Region for breeding and migration stopover.

  • to diverse, native perennials farmers and landowners can reduce the amount of soil leaving their fields by 90% and the amount of nitrogen leaving their fields through surface runoff by up to 85%. (Iowa State University)

  • that use real eco-type correct prairie seed mixes!

100% of membership dollars will be used to leverage GRANTS restoring prairie habitats in 2019.

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